Transforming Bangalore: World-Class playground equipment installed in Bangalore Public park

Koochie Global is not your average Playground Equipment Manufacturing Company. Since our Inception over a decade ago, we strive to do things differently. Having been fortunate enough to work and interact with some amazing organizations, individuals and community leaders; our efforts to create need-based outdoor play experiences and fitness equipment have provided great value to the everyday lives of people.

With a focus on holistic well-being, Koochie Global set out to bring forth yet another unique opportunity for families to explore. We hope to facilitate a wholesome recreational environment that everyone can be a part of. The most recent project where such a vision has been actualized, is the Janatha Bazaar Park in Bangalore, India. The park features some of our most popular Outdoor Fitness for adults & Play Systems catering to various age groups – Toddlers to 12 year old. This also includes Bangalore’s first-of-its-kind custom-designed equipment that enables ‘Inclusive Play’ with a focus on children with special needs and abilities.

The park has been open to the public, post inauguration this Dussehra. This was made possible through the vision and motivation from of one of the most dynamic leaders we have worked with, Dr Ashwath Narayan – Member of Legislative Assembly -Bangalore, whose vision was to provide the residents of his constituency with truly world-class amenities that they could enjoy at their neighbourhood parks. After much research and planning, the foundation to metamorphosise the space was laid. What was once seen as a space with old, dilapidated, outdated and unusable equipment, transformed into an amazing public space that allows every resident, irrespective of age, to enhance their outdoor experience through different activities.

We have received an overwhelming number of responses, and the testimonials are encouraging. Amongst the various bits of feedback we have received, this one in particular stands out, a testament to our efforts.

Mrs Nandini, a member of the Resident Welfare Association, a regular visitor to the park with her two children gleefully commented,

“The children’s park at Sadashivnagar has one of the best and state-of-the-art play equipment I have seen in Bangalore. My daughter Anika loves the swing, which is safe for toddlers. The park has become a new hangout space in the neighbourhood for kids and parents.”

Some highlights of the Playground Equipment installed at the parks are:

CAVALA (Adventure Series):

One of the most popular Adventure Series Installations has become the centerpiece of this park. It is built for children in the age group of 3 to 12 years. Free play, as well as group play promotes independent thoughts alongside social interaction. Capacity: 15 to 18 Children. This installation provides a way to channelize a child’s energy and engage in various movements including running, climbing, jumping, etc.

SCARBORUGH (Multiplay System):

Alongside “Cavala”, there’s also the Multi-play System for children of the age group from 3 to 12 years. This colorful installation consists of 2 slides, a sun-roof, monkey loops and the number panel. This structure facilitates effective coordination, various muscle movements and conceptual learning.


The park also showcases a first-of-its-kind multi-play station specially designed and engineered for children with special needs – an environment that caters to INCLUSIVE PLAY. This includes scientifically designed ramps for wheelchair access so it becomes easy for all children to play as part of a group. Post extensive research, need-analysis and understanding of learning outcomes, this equipment has been designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials. In compliance with European standards for Quality & Safety, this product has been professionally certified.


To ensure the park nurtures a complete family experience, Koochie Global has also installed 10 units of our Outdoor Fitness Equipment that are part of the Koofit Fitness Range. This allows parents and elders to work on their own fitness alongside keeping an eye on their children.

“Families that play together, stay together”

This is one of the guiding principles and motivator for this project. A large body of scientific evidence has identified various reasons to explain this prophetic statement. Eg. Effective communication, Social Tolerance and Conflict resolutions, are amongst the varied benefits of play. It is our endeavor at Koochie Global, to make it a fun learning experience for all.

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