Koochie Global’s Safety Flooring brings to you a fascinating range of playground safety tiles that are specifically designed and manufactured for outdoor play areas.


  • Create colorful play areas that encourage play and promote learning
  • Hopscotch set, alphabet set and special kid-friendly designs are available
  • Tested to ensure consistent fall height protection
  • Resilient surface Slip-resistant Easy installation Low maintenance

Our safety flooring takes the form of a two layer square tile with faces designed to come together with a patented interlocking device. Our safety surfaces have been tested according to the international standards namely BS 7188 and BS EN 1177 and have passed the requirements of flammability, durability, slip resistance and indentation. Koochie strongly advocates the use of its flooring along with its playground equipment as this brings about a safe, hygienic and durable complete play area. Koochie’s safety tiles are specially engineered to ensure that the top layer does not wear out

Shock Absorption Indicators

The chart represents comparative findings of playground surface materials including recycled rubber safety surface identical to KOOSAFE Flooring Solutions. It is produced with identical equipments and processes as RubbeRecycle – tested by United States Testing Company and the Consumer Products Safety Commission, using 6 inch depths of each material (Except rubber mat as noted).

We are aware of the importance of safety within playground construction and for this very reason, our non-slip playground safety surface is made up of two layers; pigmented layer on top and coarser back layer as bottom. Both of them are made from rubber shred but specially engineered to provide a soft cushion in the event of a fall. All our safety tiles are manufactured in accordance with strict international standards and have been tested and certified by EN 1177 after passing through stringent production and quality control processes. Today, Koochie stands unparalleled in top quality and reliable safety flooring solutions.

Koosafe EPDM Sports Granules

Koosafe EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) sports granules are designed for softness, resiliency and durability. This product has been tested and found suitable for use with a wide range of MDI prepolymers or binders for the installation of wet pour safety surfacing and jogging tracks. It is also compatible with polyurethane coatings and carboxylated SBR latex from different suppliers worldwide for the installation of synthetic track surfacing . We have two types of EPDM granules , SR5560 & SR 6065 for the sports and recreational market.

Koosafe EPDM Granules SR 5560

Koosafe EPDM sports granules SR 5560 is resilient to both outdoor weathering and UV exposure. It is a competitively priced product for the installation of wet pour safety surfacing and jogging tracks.

Koosafe EPDM Granules SR 6065

The Koosafe EPDM SR 6065 range is specially designed for high durability. It is suitable for running track applications.